ITIL Newbie Mistake #8: Too Much ITIL Talk

TooMuchITILTalk470786241 “I know that we should adopt ITIL. Why do people walk away when I start talking about it?”

My first rule of ITIL is never to talk about ITIL. When we start talking about ITIL, people who are not familiar with ITIL think that we are speaking in code and that ITIL is just another passing fad that will be replaced by something else in the future. So, they don’t want to waste their time.

Having some experience in ITIL, I am sure that you would agree that ITIL is mostly documented common sense. Any organization with enough time, forethought, and effort would develop something very similar. ITIL promotes IT as a service provider to meet the needs of the business. As such, instead of speaking in terms of ITIL, speak in terms of what is good for the business using your knowledge of ITIL as guidance. Over time, people will want to know where this abundance of common sense and business-orientation is coming from. At that time, you can direct them to the gold mine of knowledge found in the IT Infrastructure Library.

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