A+ Question of the Week: AGP 4X Slot

AplusQOW4An AGP 4X slot runs at which of the following frequencies?

A. 66 MHz
B. 133 MHz
C. 266 MHz
D. 533 MHz

The correct answer is C.

AGP features a 1X frequency of 66 MHz, which is also the actual clock rate of all versions of AGP. The other three versions multiply the base clock the way DDR and higher memory types do to create a faster frontside bus calculated clock rate. In the same way DDR2 does, the 4X version of AGP effectively quadruple-pumps the 1X clock. As a result, the effective clock rate of 4X AGP is four times 66 MHz (actually 66 2/3), or 266 2/3 MHz. The other options represent the effective clock rates for 1X, 2X and 8X AGP.

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