A+ Question of the Week: SDR SDRAM Modules

AplusQOW3Memory chips rated for a frequency of 125 MHz and an access time of 8 ns are used in which of the following SDR SDRAM modules?

A. PC66
B. PC100
C. PC125
D. PC133

The correct answer is B.

For SDR SDRAM, the number after the “PC” component of the names refers to the clock frequency for which the memory modules are rated. Chips that are rated for slightly higher than the modules are routinely used so that they are not working at maximum capacity at all times. As a result, PC100 modules would use slightly faster 125 MHz chips. The values 125 MHz and 8 ns are reciprocals of one another (divide 125 million into 1 to get 8 billionths and vice versa).

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