ITIL Newbie Mistake #4: Attempting a Project in Isolation

ITILnewbieIsolation76754257“The CMDB is my project. I’ll let you know when it’s done.”

This approach takes place far too often in IT organizations, and so do duplicate efforts toward the same goal, especially in larger, highly political organizations. While an approach like this is common for configuration management process development and implementing a CMS or CMDB, it can occur for other processes as well.

At the core, ITIL promotes the concept that IT is there to support the business through services. In order to provide these services, all of IT must work together, to ensure not only that the business needs are being met, but also that other processes and functions within IT are working together to support these business needs. No process or tool should be implemented in isolation — particularly configuration management. Configuration management and the CMS or CMDB are there to support all other processes. Therefore, all other processes must be considered in order to ensure that those process requirements can be met. While this is true for every process, it is particularly true for configuration management.

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