How to Get Avaya Aura CM and CM Messaging Certified

Avaya’s new and improved certification website really is an improvement, but it can be a little tricky to navigate. Never fear. Here’s the scoop on how to achieve ACSS and ACIS certifications in Avaya Aura Communication Manager (CM) and Avaya Aura CM Messaging.   Go to Create an account, or sign in with your existing account.

ACSS SC1_590px

After signing in, you will see the screen below. ACSS SC2_590px

Select “Learning & Certification” from the menu across the top of the page. ACSS SC3_590px

Select “Credential Program” from the menu on the left. ACSS SC4_590px

At the screen above, select the “Implement & Support Credentials” tab. ACSS SC5_590px

Scroll down the page shown above and select “Avaya Aura Communication Manager and CM Messaging – Embedded” listed under “Unified Communications” as shown in the screenshot below.

ACSS SC6_590px

At the two screens below, you’ll see the ACSS certification exams as well as recommended courses to help you prepare for them. Click the exam links to learn about exam objectives, so you’ll know what you should study.

ACSS SC7_590px

ACSS SC8_590px


As of April 2014, ACSS – Avaya Aura Communication Manager and CM Messaging – Embedded certification requires three exams: 6002, 3100, and 3101. I recommend that you take the following Avaya training and challenge the Avaya exams in this order: 1. Exam 6002

2. Exam 3100

3. Exam 3101

There you have it! Remember to always check for the latest updated certification curriculum and exam objectives. Good luck!

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  1. Kelley Reply

    I took the Avaya Aura Communication Manager Administration course and passed the 3100 exam a year ago. I took the Avaya Aura Communication Manager Implementation course in May and will pass the 6002 exam tomorrow. The Global Knowledge courses have really helped me. The classes are well structured. Martha is a gifted teacher and I hope to have her as an instructor in the advanced troubleshooting course. I enjoy the challenges and am encouraged to learn more because of Martha.

  2. Martha Wightman Reply

    Congratulations on passing those exams Kelley! Thank you so much for gracious comments :)I love teaching!