On the Way to One Million CompTIA A+ Certifications

BeOneMillionThis summer, CompTIA is expected to issue its one millionth CompTIA A+ certification. To celebrate, CompTIA has joined with its partners to give away 150 A+ training prizes, including e-Learning, practice tests, and instructor-led courses, until March 31. In fact, Global Knowledge is chipping in our A+ Certification Prep Course.

All the excitement got me thinking about the value of A+ certification. I’ve read some claims that if you have the right experience, A+ isn’t really necessary. I can see how that could be true in some cases.

In many cases though, validating that experience is key. We’re close to having a million A+ holders since the certification was created back in 1993. That’s about 47,600 A+ certified people a year. That’s a lot of parchment, so it must be worth it to many.

A+ being vendor neutral goes a long way to helping it claim the spot of “industry standard” for validating IT foundational skills. It’s also on the approved list of certifications that meet DoD Directive 8570.1 requirements.

Furthermore, CompTIA A+ certified professionals make an average of $73,956 per year, according to the nearly 1,500 A+ certified respondents to our 2014 IT Skills and Salary Survey.

Sounds worth it to me!

Let’s hear from you. Has A+ certification helped you in your career? Tell us how with a comment below.

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