A+ Question of the Week: Angry Users

AplusQOW4A technician is on the phone with a user, and the user becomes angry, claiming that the technician has insulted the user’s intelligence. What should the technician do?

    1. Tell the user that the technician cannot help if the user refuses to do as instructed
    2. Let the user vent, listen to the user, and attempt to help the user
    3. Tell the user to hold and transfer the user to someone else
    4. Tell the user to call back when the user has calmed down

The correct answer is 2.

As long as the user is not being abusive or profane, the technician should avoid exacerbating the user’s frustration. This is best done by not transferring the user, demanding they do as they’re told, or asking them to call back, but instead by letting them get their frustrations out, during which time, the technician might be able to glean pertinent information for the purpose of troubleshooting the problem.

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