You Have to Know Where to Get Data on Your Customer Before You Can Know Your Customer

Every good marketer knows that understanding your customer and his or her needs is the cornerstone of what we do. If you didn’t know before, the fact that topics like segmentation, buyer/user personas, and customer analytics have recently dominated conferences, the blogosphere, and conversations everywhere should be a clue. But, becoming the kind of marketer who really knows his or her customer also requires you to understand how to get that information in the first place, which can be just plain daunting.

That’s why I love this infographic that was put out by the team at IBM’s Big Data Hub. There are tons of good resources out there, but this speaks directly to the paths your customer takes with your company, giving a great high-level overview of the places where customer information lives. I’ll let the graphic explain further. If you’ve been wondering how to ensure that you’re considering all the data points available for customer analysis, check this out!


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