Cisco CCNA Service Provider Question of the Week

CCNASPofw01At what layer does IP protocol run in the legacy TCP/IP model?

    1. Transport
    2. Network
    3. Internet
    4. Session
    5. Application

The correct answer is 3.

The older TCP/IP model has 4 layers, network access, internet, transport and application. Internet layer is equivalent to the OSI model network layer.

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  1. Mike Gibson Reply

    The correct answer is not internet it is Network. The reason is because the TCP/IP model has changed.


    In which Application matches to Application,Presentation,and Session of the OSI model.

  2. Johnny Bass Reply

    That is true, but the question asks about the “legacy TCP/IP model”, which is referred to as Internet, not network. Within the CCNA SP (and CCNA R&S) there is a contrast of the legacy versus the OSI model, which redefines the layers. The OSI model redefines layer 3 to be Network.