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studentBPL038Things You Need to Know about DHCP

DHCP service

  • Clients in access VLANs need DHCP service
  • DHCP service can be provided by the Distribution Switches or external DHCP server elsewhere in the network

DHCP configuration

  • switch (config) #ip dhcp excluded-address
  • switch (config) #ip dhcp pool Test
  • switch (config-dhcp)# network 255.255. 255.0
  • switch (config-dhcp)#default-router
  • switch (config-dhcp)#option 150
  • switch (config-dhcp)#lease 0 8 0
  • switch (config)#interface vlan10
  • switch (config-if)#IP address

DHCP with the IP helper command

  • switch (config)# interface vlan 10
  • switch (config-if)#ip address
  • switch (config-if)#ip helper

Make sure you can configure:

  • DHCP pool
  • Excluded addresses
  • Helper address          

Make sure you are familiar with:

  • Show ip dhcp binding
  • Show ip dhcp conflict
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