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A project team has worked long and hard on a complex procurement statement of work for a significant purchase. After much work and many reviews, all have agreed that the procurement statement of work is complete. But, you, the project manager, still have some concerns about if it addresses all of the project needs in sufficient detail to avoid contract disputes later. You ask a peer for advice on what to do during the upcoming bidder conference. The best advice the peer can give includes:

  1. Double check to ensure that all project scope is negotiated.
  2. Ask the project sponsor to handle the bidder conference, so that you can focus on the negotiation sessions.
  3. Delegate the bidder conference management to the contracts manager.
  4. Ensure that all potential bidders have sufficient time to ask all of their questions, and that all questions are asked and answered while all potential bidders are in the room.

The correct answer is 4.

Choices 1, 2, and 3 might be good things to do, but none of them specify if the scope document is complete or not, so it may not be prudent to do them now. Choice 4 is the only answer that ensures that the potential bidders fully understand what the bid documents are asking them to do.

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