Make Your Work in SQL Server Management Studio Faster with Keyboard Shortcuts

Using keyboard shortcuts lets you do more work faster. One of the best ways to work faster is to utilize your keyboard and the shortcut options it provides. Here are some basic keyboard shortcuts that will help make your SQL work faster and more efficient.

Comment selected text Ctrl + K, Ctrl + C
Uncomment selected text Ctrl + K, Ctrl + U
Toggle between query and results pane F6
Include actual execution plan in the query output Ctrl + M
Display estimated execution plan in the query output Ctrl + L
Display the Go To dialog box Ctrl + G
Make the selected text lower case Ctrl + Shift + L
Make the selected text upper case Ctrl + Shift + U
Open a new query with the current connection Ctrl + Q
Execute the current query F5 or Ctrl + E
Show or hide the query results pane Ctrl + R
Toggle the full-screen display Shift + Alt + Enter

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