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phone114445049One of the most underused links within CallPilot Manager is the Server Settings link.  With this link you can view the number of channels installed on the system, the features that are enabled, the number of mailbox seats purchased, and a wealth of other information about the CallPilot system that you are using.

This information is not covered in any of the CallPilot training courses, so here we will assist you in locating the link and show you examples of the screens that can be viewed using the Server Settings link.

Accessing the Server Settings Link

To access the Server Settings link, first log into the CallPilot Manager using the admin mailbox and password. From the CallPilot Manager home page, select the System pull-down menu. From this menu, select Server Settings.

Actions from the Server Settings Home Page

After selecting Server Settings, you have five choices in the View Server Settings pull-down menu shown in Figure 2.

  1. Features/Services
  2. Resources
  3. Switch
  4. Serial Ports
  5. System Information

Features/Services gives you a list of the features and services that are installed on your system, along with a brief description of each one. Figure 3 shows a listing of these features and services, all of which may not be installed on your system, depending on what has been purchased.

When you select the Resources link, you will see information about the number of voice, fax, and speech recognition channels that are enabled via the keycode that is installed on your system. In addition, you can see the number of voice mailboxes purchased, as well as the number of fax mailboxes and speech recognition mailboxes that are enabled on your system. You also can see the hours of storage, the number of languages installed along with the speech recognition languages, and the text to speech languages that are currently installed on the system.

When you select the Switch link, you will see information about the PBX system connected to your CallPilot system.

When you select the Serial Ports link, information is given about the serial ports on the Call Server.

Finally, when you select the System Information link, you will see information about the CallPilot software release and version along with the serial number of the CallPilot, the keycode, switch type, CallPilot hardware platform, and the number of hours of storage enabled within the system.

As you have seen, you can view information about your CallPilot system that you may having been searching for but were unable to find. For example, if you ever wondered how many mailboxes you have installed on your system, you now have the knowledge to find that information. These links are invaluable when it comes time to make changes to your CallPilot system for additions, upgrades, and day-to-day management.

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