Avaya Terms to Know – Part 1

phone106439613Avaya’s technologies have been around for sometime and many terms you’ve heard for years.  They may not necessarily be new to you but here we’ll clarify what your tech guy meant when he said “one-X” or “SME.”

  1. Unified Communications – Integration of communication services (instant messaging, telephony, video conferencing, etc.), sometimes interconnecting these communications systems to the IP network.
  2. System Manager – Central management system providing frameworks that internal services and external applications use.
  3. Session Manager – SIP routing and integration tool the combines all of the SIP entities across an entire enterprise network.
  4. Avaya one-X Communicator – A software client providing users with anytime, anywhere access to unified communications capabilities, including voice calling, audio conferencing, corporate directories, and communication logs.
  5. Application Enablement Services – Provides an improved set of APIs, protocols, and web services, making the customization capabilities of Avaya communication solutions available to application developers.
  6. Session Border Controller – Secures the IP border for real-time communications that flow outside your internal network, allowing you to securely use SIP and utilize the power of the Avaya Aura architecture throughout your enterprise.
  7. Gen-i Template – Services that support the Customer’s Voice System, including Assistance in designing and configuring, 24×7 service desk, warranty parts replacement, and technical support.
  8. IP Office – A phone system, allowing small and midsize businesses to connect and collaborate in real-time using smart phones, laptops, tablets, home phones, and office phones.
  9. Small Medium Enterprise (SME) – Organization with up to 250 employees.
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