How to Complete the Experience Section of the PMP Application

studylaptopexam160937482Last time, I described how I prepared to fill out the experience section of the PMP application. In a nutshell, I broke down each project by process group and wrote a summary for each.

I completed the online application about one month ago, and here is what I can tell you: The paper application that I printed to help me prep for the online application does not have a word count restriction, but the online application does. In fact, for each project you can only type up to 550 characters, and that includes spaces. Up to this last sentence I just wrote, there are 534 characters.  As you can see, that is not a lot!

If you have already written the details for each Process Group like I did, you will need to sum up each project. I just hit on what’s most important: the deliverables and how I managed the project. The good news is, PMI has done a great job structuring the online application. It’s extremely easy to enter all of your project info and double-check that you did not miss anything.

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