Ten Cloud Computing Terms You Should Know

lightbulb12139You might already know what cloud computing is, and you might already be implementing it into your business, but are you able to have a conversation about it? The lingo surrounding this newer technology can be a bit, well, cloudy. Here are just some of the terms we keep hearing as cloud computing spreads from organization to organization.

  1. Pay as you go: A cost model for cloud services that does not require up-front payment for hardware and software.
  2. Private cloud: Services offered over a confidential network to only select users.
  3. Public cloud: Services available to anyone who wants to purchase the service over the Internet.
  4. On-demand service: Customer purchases cloud services as needed.
  5. Cloud provider: An organization that provides a cloud-based platform, infrastructure, application, or storage services to others.
  6. Consumption-based: A pricing model where the service provider charges the customer based on the amount of the service the customer consumes instead of time.
  7. Middleware: Software that provides a service to help pass data between applications.
  8. SaaS: “Software as a service” is a cloud application service that allows applications to be delivered over the Internet by the provider.
  9. External cloud: Cloud services where a fee is usually charged for use and is sometimes customized.
  10. Internal cloud: A private cloud service provided or created by your IT department that can be completely customized to fit the company’s needs.

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  1. Mark Kroehler Reply

    Certainly a good starter list. Since you only listed SaaS, I would add: PaaS (Platform as a Service), IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service), DaaS (Desktop as a Service) and BaaS (Backup as a Service), as these are, also, fairly common terms in the cloud space.