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Scared of the work experience section of the PMP application? After reading several blog posts it sounds like a lot of people are. Documenting 4,500 hours of Initiating, Planning, Executing, Monitoring and Controlling, and Closing is cumbersome, but I have developed a couple of tricks that helped me get started and I hope will help you.

Trick 1: Create a template for yourself.

I created my template in Word and started with a general section which included all of the basic project info (i.e. – start date, end date, and total number of hours). Below this section I created a simple table:

Process Group Summary of Process Group Hours Hours
Monitoring & Controlling

After creating this, I copied and pasted these two sections (the “General” section and the table) a few times, creating one for each project I am including on my application.

Trick 2: For each project, start by just typing key words.
This will help get your writing juices flowing before turning these key words into meaningful (non-industry specific) descriptive sentences.

I hope these simple tricks help! Remember, all of this hard work is worth it!

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  1. craig Reply

    I really like the idea of my own template as you suggested. This is my first time on your site and will definitely will hit the RSS