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Working towards your PMP? I am too. I have spent countless hours on PMI’s website, reviewing the requirements and the timeline of the process. What I learned is that you need to meet all of the requirements before you even begin your online application. The web site “says” you can apply online or through a paper application, however, it really sounds like they prefer the online version.

Back to the requirements, if you have a college degree, you need 4,500 work experience hours and 35 classroom hours. PMI stresses that you must have these hours completed before submitting your application. That means if you would like to take a boot camp class, you should take the boot camp then apply. I was slightly weary on the timing of this option. If there is a lag in the application being approved or if the application is audited, I may not be able to take the exam right after the boot camp, which I’ve heard is best. To be on the safe side, I took some Project Management classes over the last few months to complete my hours prior to applying.

One last suggestion for those interested in taking the exam – become a PMI member. I’ve been a member for a couple of years now, and it’s absolutely worth it. For one thing, you’ll make your membership fee back just with the members’ exam fee discount alone, but more importantly you’ll have access to many valuable resources. I particularly like the e-library, which is full of great articles and books that you can browse through and even bookmark pages. So, if you’re on the fence, I’d say do it!

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  1. Kishor Reply

    Not sure if this has happened to you or your friends before, but its making me worried. I submitted my application for PMP and its now more than 6 business days/working days, I am still see my status as “Application is currently in processing”.

    I am going to call to PMI to find out exactly whats delaying this. One fact I know is if they are doing employment verification, then definitely it will delay, since the company i used to work for and listed in application, their TAT is more than 10 days for responding to employment verification. But again, many blogs i checked online, and states that PMI usually dont have time to call or check employment history.

    Please do provide your input or suggestion on this, its making me bit nervous, since I had planned complete start to end date and based on that took 5 weeks break just to prepare and clear this exam.