Public Cloud Services Going Mainstream

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A new report commissioned by VMware has found that businesses of all sizes are increasingly using public cloud services for mission-critical applications.

The results of the survey, undertaken by analyst firm Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG), reveal a major shift in attitude to cloud adoption from just a year ago when many businesses seemed to be wary of making the move to the cloud. Now the trend appears to be one of taking the plunge without hesitation.

The new research clearly demonstrates that public cloud adoption has moved beyond test and development in many companies with, for example, 67% of the mid-market and enterprise companies surveyed running what they view as mission-critical workloads on Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS).

In addition, more than 80% of IaaS customers who were surveyed are currently running production workloads on IaaS

Mathew Lodge, vice president, cloud services at VMware, reinforced the findings by saying, “The study demonstrates that IaaS from cloud service providers is seeing broad adoption by mainstream business for business-critical applications and data… As IaaS adoption grows, so does the importance of strong customer service and support as well as the quality of the underlying technology.”

Other key findings from the survey focused on how to select the right cloud service provider:

  • Service and support topped a list of criteria for selecting the appropriate provider, with 80% of respondents citing it as important.
  • A quarter of the respondents indicated total cost of ownership (TCO) was the single most important criteria for service provider selection.
  • 78% of respondents reported that it was also important that their cloud service providers’ infrastructure technologies were compatible with their internal private cloud/virtualised data centre.

The research included data from 243 IT and business professionals whose organisations are currently using public cloud services, specifically IaaS. These respondents were from mid-market (100 to 999 employees) and enterprise-class (1,000+ employees) companies in North America (US and Canada) and Western Europe (France, UK, Germany and Netherlands).

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