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Which tool can be used for end-to-end network performance tests based on clear measurement metrics, as well as for path control?

  1. Distribute lists
  2. Administrative distance
  3. Route tagging
  4. Offset lists
  5. Cisco IOS IP SLAs

The correct answer is 5.

IP SLAs are used to provide various types of network probes that can be linked to specific actions such as injecting a default route or determining a preferred active router.

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  1. Augusto Carlson Reply

    I believe that the correct answer is 5. IP SLA is used to measurements, not offset lists.

  2. Kevin Reply

    I agree with you Augusto. The answer is IP SLA. The explanation says that but the answer should be 5, not 4.

  3. Elizabeth Rainwater Reply

    This was my mistake — the correct answer is 5, but I entered 4. The explanation should be correct.