A Summary of Fusion 2012

Whenever I attend conferences, which is rare, I almost always have low expectations. In the past I’ve attended some conferences that offered little value in terms of real knowledge that attendees could take back and apply to their jobs.

That’s never been the case with Fusion. I’ve attended Fusion three times since the early 2000’s, and each time I’ve made great and useful connections, and I’ve also learned many things that I could directly apply the work I was doing at the time.

Last week at Fusion I learned:

  • The Cabinet Office genuinely cares about the thoughts and experiences of companies that deliver accredited ITIL training. Representatives from the Cabinet Office hosted a meeting with several training organizations that focused on understanding what’s working right about ITIL training and what can be improved. This in turn implies that the Cabinet Office cares about the thoughts and experiences of our customers.
  • How people are promoted in their organizations, as well as some specific strategies to pass on to others to help them get where they want to be in their careers.
  • The importance of a service catalog to cloud computing, including the numerous aspects of a service catalog that must be considered when used as part of a cloud computing solution. We agree that the service catalog is a critical component of a cloud solution, and not many organizations are considering this at the moment. It’s good to see presentations on topics such as this because the effectiveness of a service catalog can make or break a cloud solution.
  • How one organization approached creation of a service portfolio, as well as specific techniques, templates, and checklists that were used. Service portfolio management can be a challenging process to work with. It can be difficult to create and manage an effective service portfolio, so I always appreciate information about how other organizations have handled this key area of service management.

Last week at Fusion was a full week and I definitely learned much more than I’ve listed in this post. Fusion is always a conference that generates value for attendees and I’m always happy to be a part of it. I look forward to Fusion 2013 in Nashville.

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