How Specializing Your Cisco Expertise Can Increase Your Salary Potential

When Cisco Systems does an infographic, they do it right.

Earlier this year, they released one titled Demand for IT Networking Professionals in USA. It was created using data from their own Visual Networking Index (VNI) forecasts as well as data from CareerBuilder, the US Bureau of Labor, Robert Half, and Global Knowledge’s 2012 IT Skills and Salary Report. Impressive group, right?

The ton of information in the graphic points to the ever-growing need for IT professionals despite the economy. Mainly because of the “constant evolution with advancements such as social networks and mobile applications.” I’m sure virtualization and big data will only add to the demand throughout the decade.

If a six-figure salary is a goal of yours, then you might want to brush up on your IT security skills. The 2012 salary range for IT security managers started at $103,500 and had a top end of $143,500.

Having the right skills and training almost always pays off as well. According to the infographic, training increased 2012 base salaries by 8.6%.

Spoiler alert! For Cisco certified IT pros, the more specialized their technology expertise, the higher their salary. CCNAs averaged $82,923. Those with CCNA Security certs made $92,430, while those with CCNA Voice certs made $97,617. Pros who bumped it up to a CCDA averaged $101,915. Nice!

I certainly don’t want to ruin your infographic-viewing experience, so I’ll stop here. Believe me, there are plenty of other interesting tidbits to discover:

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