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You created VLAN 10, named it ENG-LAN and put interface FastEthernet 0/5 into this VLAN. Your colleague just deleted VLAN 10. Which command can be used to examine the effect of this action on the interface?

  1. show interface fa0/5
  2. show interface fao/5 trunk
  3. show vtp
  4. show interface fao/5 switchport

The correct answer is 4.

The “show interface fa0/5 switchport” command output will indicate that VLAN 10 is “inactive”.

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  1. Dan Reply

    I don’t that this question is formulated correctly. The answer #3 places the interface fa0/5 into vlan 10, it doesn’t “examine the effect of this action on the interface”. That would be some of the “show” commands.

  2. Elizabeth Rainwater Reply

    Hi Dan-

    You are correct, and thank you for catching that! I corrected the answers.

    – Elizabeth