How to Improve Network Security Through Training

Organizations that work with the U.S Government are targets for hackers searching for classified information. Unfortunately for an advanced  technology systems (ATS) organization, their systems were hacked at a rate of 1,000–1,500 times per hour, exposing their critical information to hackers across the globe.

With the U.S. Government as ATS’s largest customer, dramatically improving network security became the organization’s number one priority and they needed their systems administrators trained on the latest advancements in network security.

Training nearly 3,000 systems administrators (SAs), along with 500–600 new SAs hired each year, on how to handle and prevent hacking attacks is no simple task. They needed new courseware designed to give the system administrators the skills to protect their mission-critical information. After an introductory instructor-led course on the basics of network security, the remainder of the curriculum was comprised of seven courses.

Approximately sixty percent of the content was delivered through hands-on labs, allowing SAs practice preventing hackers from accessing the network. The courses incorporated their unique policies and procedures while providing SAs with the tools, techniques, and methodologies to help them identify system and network vulnerabilities while implementing effective countermeasures.

ATS soon saw a significant reduction in the number of successful hacking attacks. The 1,000–1,500 hack attacks made per hour prior to training was reduced to only 500–600 shortly after the first team of system administrators completed the program. ATS was also encouraged to reevaluate and improve policies and procedures related to network security.

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