Top 10 Business Analysis Terms

A business analyst identifies the needs of organizations and works with them to address their obstacles and determine the best solutions. Whether you are just getting started in business analysis or want to gain a better understanding of certain aspects of business analysis, we have compiled a list of frequently used terms to help you get started.

  1. Stakeholder
    Anyone who can be affected by an organization’s actions, anyone who can be indirectly affected by those actions, and those with significant influence on the organization. Stakeholders will participate in the verification of deliverables.
  2. Requirement
    Documented representation of what objectives must be delivered to provide value, such as conditions needed by a stakeholder to satisfy the objectives.
  3. CBAP
    CBAP stands for Certified Business Analysis Professional. This certification is the title given to professionals who sit for and pass the CBAP exam.
  4. Scope of Work
    Information and parameters associated with carrying out a particular project.
  5. Use Case
    Description of the position title, who holds that role, and the interaction that role has with the systems in place.
  6. Change Management
    Systematic approach to assist an organization’s individuals/teams adapt to changes within their business environment by implementing procedures and utilizing the necessary technologies.
  7. Elicitation
    Steps used to extract information/requirements from stakeholders.
  8. Validation
    Selecting the best solution that fits the stakeholder’s needs and determining if the solution meets the requirements and objectives.
  9. Business Case
    A well structured document that demonstrates the reason for initiating a project.
  10. Solution Scope
    The requirements a solution must support to meet the business need.

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