How to Reduce Network Downtime with Training

The convergence of voice and data created challenging issues for both data networking and telephony professionals. Meeting high standards for reliability and quality of service in a converged network affects telecommunications companies, service providers, and ultimately the customers. Network outages can cost a company millions of dollars and are not 100% preventable. What companies can do is reduce the length and impact of network downtime through training.

A telecommunications company experienced a nine-hour network outage (an eternity in cellular service time). Once the network had been restored, an analysis of the problem showed that the voice and data engineers were simply ill-equipped to troubleshoot the outage. They hadn’t been trained on the foundational networking skills or the interoperability of the multi-vendor products necessary to pinpoint and troubleshoot the problem.

Analysis further determined that the outage could have been resolved within 15 minutes had the engineers been trained properly. The company realized that an investment in the right training could have prevented expensive network downtime.

With a focus on networking skills, a tailored training solution was developed. We collaborated with the operations manager and incorporated elements from three networking courses into a five-day course that focused on the fundamentals of managing converged data and voice networks while minimizing the downtime of future outages.

The wireless telecommunications company implemented a step-by-step plan to cross-train its voice and data engineers. The plan included skills building for foundational networking, advanced voice and data coverage, and product configuration training.

The company has no doubt saved money and increased customer satisfaction. Now that each department understands the interoperability of the network, there’s a decrease in the time it takes to troubleshoot a problem.

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