Cloud Computing and IT Project Management

Cloud changes IT professionals from system installers and maintainers to service brokers and managers, and IT project management has to change if you want the cost reductions and decreased time to market of cloud.

Non-cloud project management aims to deploy entire applications over the course of a few months. With cloud, development teams can release features weekly, daily, or even more often. 

Non-cloud IT project management focuses on ensuring platforms are available and configured for the so-called “functional requirements.” But cloud platforms are available in minutes and are automatically configured as required.

Instead, the focus should be on “non-functional” or Quality of Service (QoS) requirements. QoS requirements are typically “traded off” in non-cloud projects, but cloud makes QoS the critical success factor because IT is managing a service provider and not maintaining systems.

The speed and nature of cloud delivers its cost savings to you quickly. To ensure your firm gets these cost savings, your project management must change.

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  1. Tushar Reply

    Hi, nice article on cloud computing yes I agree with your point that if you want the cost reductions and decreased time to market of cloud it project management has to change. thank you for writing this its great help to me