Who is Moving to the Cloud and Why?

As cloud deployments are expected to increase significantly by the end of 2012, Cisco wanted to better understand the challenges related to the network when moving to cloud services. They worked with 1,300 decision makers in 13 countries to find out more.

Presently, only 5% of IT decision makers have been able to migrate half of their total applications to the cloud. By the end of 2012, that number is expected to significantly rise, as more than 20% will have deployed over half of their total applications to the cloud.

Why are you moving to the cloud?

  • 52% of respondents claimed it was a decision made by their business or CIO to improve costs, productivity, and agility.
  • Cloud service providers (25%) are the main source of intelligence or information about cloud services, followed by industry analysts, industry peers, and infrastructure vendors. But, nearly two in five (39%) participants said they would not trust their own personal information with the cloud provider they are currently using.

How is your current migration going?

  • Majority of IT decision makers cited e-mail (77%) and web services as the applications that have already been migrated or are about to be, followed by storage and collaboration solutions such as web conferencing and instant messaging.
  • Most IT managers whose migration is still taking place decided to not move e-mail (60%), storage (59%), and virtual desktops (55%) to the cloud (private or public)—although they expressed a desire to do so.

What are some of the challenges?

  • Choosing the applications to migrate

If given the choice to only move one application to the cloud, most would choose storage (25%), followed by Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) (20%) applications to manage HR, customer relationship management, supply chain management, and project management systems. E-mail (16%) and collaboration solutions (15%) followed.

  • Timeframe and Infrastructure

Most respondents anticipate a private cloud migration will take longer than a public one and estimated it would take less than six months to complete the cloud migration for their applications. In order to successfully move more applications to the cloud, the majority of respondents (37%) cited a cloud-ready network as the biggest infrastructure element required for further cloud deployments.

  • Finances

The top barrier keeping virtual desktop deployments from taking place is cost (46%), followed by bandwidth requirements (45%), virtual desktop (VDI) performance caused by WAN latency (37%), integration of native with virtual desktops (34%), and the overall complexity of the deployment (33%).

Excerpted and used with permission from Cisco.com

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