How Will the Microsoft Certification Changes Affect You?

A higher bar and higher expectations — with Microsoft’s recent announcements to changes in their IT certification program, it made me wonder what the response would be from Microsoft professionals?  Would there be moans and groans all around, or would there be a fist-pump from the Microsoft faithful? I’d like to think that we’re looking at fist-pumping because for professionals who want to certify and validate their skills, a higher bar just means a bit more study time and experience but a LOT more value.

A certification is a badge of honor and has to be earned. While tech certifications could lead to more professional opportunities, I personally went through all the studying, test prep and more because I wanted to validate my skill-set with real proof. I didn’t want to just pass the certification exam. I always hoped to nail scores that would put me in the top 20%. It also showed IT management that I was willing to go the extra mile, willing to go above and beyond to ensure success.

The Microsoft expectations include more cloud experience, business-context experience, and just more experience in general. Because anyone who has prepared for a series of tough exams is always up for the challenge! All I can say is while the bar may be higher at Microsoft now, I am sure YOU are up to the challenge. Anyone who takes certification exams wants to be the best. And what better way to prove it than to be part of the few, the proud. IT professionals who drive themselves to spend valuable time and money for this professional challenge? Nice job, Microsoft, on bumping up your expectations for the new MCSA and MCSE certifications.

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