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In last week’s post I discussed the Managing Across the Lifecycle and how that class awards the ITIL Expert credential, which qualifies people for higher-level service management jobs. I also covered an interview technique known as a “behavioral event interview” that job candidates might expect to experience when pursuing service management positions. As promised, this post and some subsequent ones will describe the types of jobs that different levels of ITIL certification are appropriate for. Some of the posts in this series will present specific questions that job seekers might expect that are relevant to all levels of ITIL certification.

All ITIL certifications can be job qualifiers. Whether it’s the foundation certification or ITIL Expert, the knowledge earned and demonstrated as part of the training and certification process potentially qualifies the individual for certain jobs.

Foundation Level – What Types of Jobs

While there are no strict rules that apply to everyone that dictate which jobs require which certification, many jobs require that the applicant demonstrates ITIL Foundation level knowledge.

The following broad categories of jobs often suggest ITIL Foundation level knowledge:

  • Service desk/help desk analysts
  • General systems administration roles
  • General network administration Roles
  • Application support roles
  • Business analysis roles

The reasons these jobs might want applicants with ITIL Foundation level knowledge is because they want candidates who understand that they are conducting their business activities according to a set of defined service management processes, what it means for these processes to work together to accomplish business results, and general terms associated with service management and ITIL.

Next week’s post in this series will present examples of specific interview questions, along with what would be a good answer to those questions. Additionally, I’ll discuss for a set of specific interview questions what type of answer would likely score bonus points for a candidate.

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