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Your PC’s MAC address is 0010.1111.2222. Your PC gets its IPv6 address using stateless autoconfiguration. What is your PC’s EUI-64 format interface ID?

  1. 0010.11FF.FE11.2222
  2. 0210.1111.FFEE.2222
  3. 0210.1100.0011.2222
  4. 0210.11FF.FE11.2222
  5. 0000.0010.1111.2222


The correct answer is 4.

The EIU-64 format interface ID is created from the MAC address by setting the 7th bit of the 1st octet (the “unique” bit) to 1 and inserting FFFE into the middle of the address. In this scenario, the resulting interface ID is 0210.11FF.FE11.2222.

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