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I’ve been to Las Vegas before when I attended Cisco Live 2011, but this is my first time attending the Interop IT Expo and Conference. Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas, and Interop — what a combo.

Like the majority of folks attending, as we walk by the slot machines, craps tables, and roulette wheels, I’m looking forward to learning more about emerging IT topics such as cloud computing and virtualization, data center and storage, and wireless and mobility, as well as security and risk management.

With over 100 sessions jam-packed with info from IT experts from across the globe, I am especially impressed with Interop’s list of heavy-hitters for their keynotes. I’m most excited about Padmasree Warrior, Cisco System’s CTO and Senior Vice President of Engineering. I’m a fan. She’s also General Manager of Cisco’s Enterprise Business. In her keynote, she’ll discuss how technologies such as mobility, cloud, and video are transforming IT. I’m sure she’ll be great. Like I said, I’m a fan.

VMware’s CTO and Senior Vice President of Research and Development, Steve Herrod, will also be on hand to discuss the concept of the software-defined data center during his Interop keynote. I’ve heard he’ll explain how IT needs a software-defined data center that’s flexible, efficient, and the peak of automation to be successful in the marketplace.

Avaya’s Marc Randall will discuss application-driven networking. He’ll explain how applications, devices, and networks have seemingly advanced separately since their inception. Current IT trends require a more proactive integration of these technologies that can potentially be met with application driven networks.

Also on the schedule are Google’s Jonathan Rochelle, Dell’s Dario Zamarian, and Rackspace CTO John Engates, as well as Allan Leinwand, who is the CTO of Infrastructure at Zynga, the creator of the Facebook addiction of the moment — Words With Friends. I’m interested to hear what those guys have to say.

Also marked on my Interop calendar is the unveiling of the HP and Dreamworks collaboration, Cloud’s Silver Screen Debut: How HP & DreamWorks Animation Brought Cloud Computing to the Red Carpet.

I’m curious about the downsides to cloud deployment other than the security risks. I hope one session in particular, Building VMware Private Clouds, will hopefully cover how the enterprise can take virtualization to the next level by building cloud networks with VMware’s vCloud Director product, whether they are private, public, and/or hybrid, as well as how to manage ongoing operations.

In Las Vegas, if only for this week of Interop, BYOD still stands for “bring your own device.” There are three sessions addressing this topic: Tablets: Where Do We Go From Here?, Living With (And Prospering From) BYOD, and How BYOD is Driving Change in the Campus Network. Whether it’s supporting these devices and allowing them on your network or learning how to keep them off your network, BYOD has arrived. You might as well be prepared.

One more thing: If your boss cheaped out and told you to read post-show blogs instead of sending you to Las Vegas for Interop, follow my tweets at @GKJohnMarkIvey during the show to keep up with the week’s events. If you’re actually attending Interop, follow my tweets as well (there are three tweetups that I know of), and stop by the Global Knowledge booth to get the last of our Powered Up t-shirts designed by artist Tom Whalen.

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  1. Shayne Reply

    Loved your booth at the show… the free t-shirt was great! Looking forward to talking to you in the future about possible training for our team.