Are You Interested in IT Security?

If you are interested in IT security, now is a good time to consider a career move.  According to the 2011 Information Security and Data Privacy Staffing Survey, which polled 190 organizations in 34 countries, IT security staffing budgets are expected to rise 14% next year. That is good news for those involved in IT security and individuals in the InfoSec field. This increase in funding could not come at a better time.

Earlier this year at the RSA conference, RSA chief Arthur Coviello stated that, “never have the attacks been as targeted, with the aim of breaching one organization as a stepping stone to breaching others.” The last few years have seen a real increase in the rate and magnitude of cyber attacks. While there are several bills in congress slated to address cyber security, there is still much more work to be done. Most of this work will be done by employees and contractors.

If you are interested in making the move to IT security, the best way to start is to increase your security skill set. This can include classroom training, college classes, and reading online security sites and blogs. Some of the areas that I would expect to see growth in include hands-on technical skills, security management practices, risk management, applications development, and cloud security.

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  1. Jeff Douglas Reply

    I have been interested in IT Security ever since I started really doing IT many yrs ago, and am always interested in keeping up with IT Security.

    Now if we only had a budget for ongoing education at my work, that would be a even bigger + so I try to attend any webinar’s I can to educate myself in anyway possible to try and keep up with everything which isnt always the easiest.

  2. Kenneth Nwanze Reply

    The need for skill IT security manpower can not be over emphasized. The last couple of years have witness heavy hacking activities. My theory on this is that, there is so much hacking and attack related activities because of the current IP addressing scheme(IPv4), this hackers know that there would much more difficult to penetrate networks with IPv6 (the new IP scheme soon to be implement across global networks). As a result of managing our current addressing scheme holes are created in our networks. IPv6 would purge some of that. So as u train to be an Information System Security Professional, don’t neglect to learn about IPv6..