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You are in the Executing phase of your project. As project manager, you receive weekly status reports on work progress from team members. In reviewing the inputs from your team members, you are particularly interested in two tasks: Task 89 has an EST of 45 and an LST of 58; Task 101 has an EST of 64 and an LST of 51. Which of these tasks is riskiest?

  1. Task 89 is riskiest.
  2. Task 101 is riskiest.
  3. Risk cannot be determined based on the given information.
  4. Both are equally risky.


The correct answer is 2

One way to determine the riskiness of a task is to look at the float of the task. The formula for float is LST – EST (late start time minus early start time). Task 89 has 13 time units of positive float. Task 101 has 13 time units of negative float. Negative float means that the project is behind schedule, so task 101 is the riskier of the two tasks. If this task is not finished earlier, the project will finish late.

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