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Your router is configured as follows:

interface s0/0/0
ip address
ip nat outside
interface fa0/0
ip address
ip nat inside
access-list 1 permit

Two PCs on the network have addresses and

Which command, when added to the router’s configuration, causes the PCs’ addresses to be translated to the router’s s0/0/0 address?

  1. ip nat inside source list 1 overload
  2. ip nat inside source list 1 interface s0/0/0 overload
  3. ip nat inside source list 1 interface s0/0/0
  4. ip nat inside source 1 interface s0/0/0 overload


The correct answer is 2.

The “ip nat inside source list 1 interface s0/0/0 overload” command specifies that source addresses permitted by access list 1 will be translated to the address of interface s0/0/0. The “overload” keyword indicates that PAT is used so that one outside address represents many inside addresses, using the port number to distinguish between the translations.

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