What is TelePresence, and Do You Need It?

In a nutshell TelePresence delivers in-person experiences across mobile and wired networks on a large scale. Imagine a meeting with only you and one other person in the room, but the other participants are from all over the country – or globe – and talking to you on screens large enough to see details like presentation material and interactions.

Who can benefit from this service, and who should look at the certifications behind it? Cisco offers three certifications: Express, Advanced, and Master.

Account managers, systems engineers, and field engineers who are responsible for personal and multi-purpose use and VCS bridging qualify for all three certifications. The Master certification, which includes multi-screen immersive solutions, also applies to project managers and installation technicians.

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    Hi Elizabeth,
    I can agree on your article. Cisco certifications always were a strong indicator of someone educated with network theory. After the acquisition of Tandberg, now the TelePresence certifications still carry equal weight for video conferencing matters.

    Adding this to your CV is definitely something that gives you an advantage if ever looking for a new position.

    Best of luck to all you, who are going to take the course and kind regards,