Is Humor a New 802.11ac Feature?

Reprinted with permission from the CWNP Wi-Fi Blog by Marcus Burton

Celebrating my newfound predilection for short blog posts, I am compelled to share this little tidbit of humor from the 802.11ac draft specification.

For some quick nerdiness background, you should know that IEEE standards use excess jargon. Reading a spec is an exercise in drudgery, and each spec contains a “definition” section at the beginning to ensure that everyone operates on the same semantic playing field. The 802.11 folks are getting punchy at their plenary sessions in tropical locations.

user: an individual or group of STAs identified by a single RA in the context of single-user (SU) multiple input, multiple output (MIMO) or a single STA in the context of multi-user (MU) MIMO.

user (alternate definition): an individual addicted to the IEEE 802.11 process. A user is recognized at meetings by his or her garish floral shirt display, blue IEEE 802 1980-2010 polo T-shirt or the wearing of socks with sandals. A user’s objective is to ensure that the IEEE 802.11 standard is repeatedly amended until all available electrons are consumed in its publication.

This is quintessential nerd humor if ever I’ve seen it. But on a serious note, somewhere, a nerd with OCD is weeping in the knowledge that this definition is in the draft.


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