Cisco’s Vision: Five Future Technology Trends

Cisco CEO John Chambers and CTO Padmasree Warrior say the role of the network is transforming to a point that enables the connections of people, devices, and information. Some of the top trends that they see in the coming years are:

  1. Wireless and wired networking will provide access to support the rapid growth of devices and mobility.
  2. Virtualization and cloud services will deliver content while providing a lower cost of ownership. This is why Cisco is now migrating most of its own business applications to data center virtualization.
  3. The ability to quickly and easily collaborate between customers, staff, vendors, etc., no matter where people are, will transform business processes.
  4. Video conferencing, the cornerstone of collaboration, already proves to be particularly powerful for doing business at a distance, both locally and globally.
  5. Network security elements will converge, resulting in seamless connections and context-aware security that recognizes who you are, what you’re supposed to have access to, what device you’re on, and where you are globally.
  6. A network technology architecture will connect any device across any combination of networks, increase cost efficiency by integrating network security and management, and improve business processes, including energy management.

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  1. Jose Reply

    There continues to be rapid growth in demands for wireless networking. My industry (pharmaceutical) is heading deeper into the international market. Specialization in wireless networking is pivotal in order to keep up with the technological demands. This is a great time to earn a specialized Wireless certification like the CCNA or CCNP Wireless.