Five Tips to Make Security Awareness Training Less Like Exercising

Have you ever considered how some people may consider security awareness training to be like exercising? Some employees may feel the need to do it because they have to, while others simply do it because it’s the right thing to do. While many companies perform security awareness training, not all do so in a way designed to reap maximum benefits.

With this in mind, here are some tips to increase the effectiveness of your security awareness training program.

  1. Keep it simple — Lunch and learn programs work well. Providing a light lunch or pizza will boost attendance.
  2. Reference it to outside work — Keep the training relevant to an employee’s outside life.
  3. Make it rewarding — Offer small prizes or tokens for employees who practice good security.
  4. Target the message — Base the content on a needs assessment and regulatory requirement.
  5. Ensure employees stay aware — Posters, reminders, and email blasts can be used for periodic reminders.

Just by using these five tips, you can make security awareness training less like an exercise program and more like a company party. Just as an individual would use a scale to measure weight loss, both qualitative and quantitative metrics can be used to measure the effectiveness of a training program.

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