What’s in Your Inbox?

If you’re like most people, your inbox contains some amount of spam and continues to be a problem while showing no sign of going away. One current spam campaign is targeted at Apple users. Email is spoofed to appear to be from Apple and prompts users to verify their billing information. This email, like many, contains the look and feel of a real email message complete with the Apple logo, official looking text, and text which might fool some unlucky recipients. Hopefully, your spam filters catch most of these emails, but if not, there are some things you can look for to help determine if the email is real or fake. If you have email messages that you are not sure of, you should:

    • Not click on links
    • Check spelling in the email as spammers don’t always spell check
    • Look at the link or email address carefully to check if it is the company’s official domain
    • Check a site like “Snopes” to see if the email is a suspected scam
    • Go directly to the website (if you are still not sure) and ask the company if they sent such an email message to you

While the holidays mean that more people shop online, it’s also a prime time for spammers to try and steal personal information. It’s important to be wary of suspicious looking emails. Here is more information about the fake Apple emails making the rounds.

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