Citrix Reviews the Impact of Their BYO and Beyond Scheme

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As businesses continue to grow and diversify, it becomes more and more challenging to efficiently meet the various needs of the company’s employees. Citrix responded to this challenge by launching “BYO and Beyond”. BYO allows businesses to deliver applications and environments to their customers or staff in such a way that they can be experienced on any device the user happens to prefer or have access to.

Citrix analysed attitudes to the BYO programme in medium and large organisations, with 700 CIOs from seven countries being questioned; including 100 CIOs from the UK. They found that 28% of workers are using personal devices in the workplace today. This figure is expected to increase to 35% as soon as 2013.

Not only has there been a shift from corporate to personal devices; the number of devices the average person uses daily is rising. 42% of those surveyed claim to use 3 devices a day, be they PCs, Laptops, Smart Phones or Tablets. Ensuring that the end user has seamless access to their files has never been so difficult.

In order to truly benefit from this scheme, businesses need to invest in desktop virtualisation. BYO can theoretically be used in countless situations — mobile sales teams, home-based workers, contractors, consultants — all of them can be given secure access to relevant files regardless of geographic location. As well as freeing up the workforce, it also reduces overheads, as smart-phones and laptops would no longer be needed for any individual that wishes to leave the confines of the office.

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