14 Common Virtualization Mistakes: Part 3

This post wraps up our three part series on the 14 most common virtualization mistakes you can make and how to avoid them.

Mistake #11: Lack of a Plan for Managing the Virtual Environment

Since we’re talking about management, who will manage the virtual environment? Is it going to be the Windows team, your router team, your security team, or who knows? Since the VMware product and other similar virtualization vendors touch almost every single thing such as networking with switches, security implementation, and storage, there could be disagreements on whose territory is it.

Mistake #12: Failure to Update VMware Tools

Many students who install Windows machines in the VM right away realize certain things don’t feel right. For example, maybe they don’t have good control of the mouse movement, the video driver might not be what they want, and networking drivers might not be optimized. VMware’s virtualization products give you the tools that make a lot of these problems go away, so you should update these VMware tools if there is an update available.

Mistake #13: Forgetting to Run Antivirus Products

I hope you’re still running antivirus products for your VMs. Treat them as if they were regular physical servers. What are your backup strategies for these VMs? Again, remember that this is your server and do whatever you would do it if it were a physical server.

Mistake #14: Incorrect Software Licensing

Never forget that when you implement the servers in a virtual environment, you still might have licensing considerations. Find out from the manufacturer of the Server software about their licensing and support needs if their product is installed in a Virtual environment. Remember, treat it like it were any other servers.

There are so many things we can talk about as common and simple “gotchas” or possible issues. I want to make sure that you don’t run into them.  Good luck.

This post is excerpted and reprinted with permission from 14 Common Virtualization Mistakes — And How To Avoid Them by Dheeraj (Raj) Tolani

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