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You work for Global Knowing Ledges. You have configured the addressing for the perimeter router. You used the network You subnetted 4 bits. You used the zero subnet. How many subnets were created, and how many hosts per subnet were created?

  1. 14 subnets and 4094 hosts
  2. 4 subnets and 256 hosts
  3. 16 subnets and 4096 hosts
  4. 16 subnets and 4094 hosts
  5. 14 subnets and 4096 hosts


The correct answer is D.

This class B address with 4 subnet bits will have a mask of /20 or The 4 subnet bits create 2^4 = 16 subnets. The remaining 12 host bits create (2^12) – 2 = 4094 hosts per subnet.


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