The ITIL 2011 Refresh and What It Means to You

In keeping with the standard of continuous improvement, the ITIL 2011 refresh will incorporate over 500 changes since the release of ITIL v3 in 2007 that includes feedback from the user and training community. Among other places these changes are reflected in the course syllabi and exams.

Some Facts You Should Know:

  • The total page count and material increased about 46% from 1,343 pages to 1,959 pages
  • All courses require a syllabus update
  • All accredited training organizations must update their courseware
  • New exams containing the new material will be released in January 2012
ITIL Core Book ITIL 2007 Page Count ITIL 2011 Page Count Percentage Increase
All Books 1343 1962 46.09%
Service Strategy 264 498 88.64%
Service Design 261 362 38.70%
Service Transition 334 458 37.13%
Service Operation 263 384 46.01%
Continual Service Improvement 221 260 17.65%

Below are some of the changes to each ITIL section:

Service Strategy

  • Added business relationship management (BRM) process to match the ISO/IEC 20000 BRM process
  • Gives more guidance on service portfolio management (SPM) activities including 30 defined and sequenced activities
  • Strategy management for IT services
  • Added some of the ITIL v2 financial management content
  • Improved guidance on governance
  • Improved guidance on strategy implementation
  • Added significant content covering cloud computing and the impact on IT services

Service Design

  • New design coordination process that controls overall service design activities and produces the service design package
  • Improved service catalog management with more guidance on defining services, service catalog uses, and two and three views service catalogs
  • Updated supplier management including underpinning contracts and agreements, supplier and contract management system, and the definition of new supplier and contract requirements

Service Transition

  • Evaluation is now change evaluation
  • Enhanced and clarified release and deployment management process
  • Clarified change proposals
  • Clarified descriptions of terms (e.g., configuration item, configuration management system, service knowledge management system)

Service Operation

  • Significant additions to request fulfillment activities
  • Significant deletions and changes to event management
  • Changes to operational activities and functions with added guidance on facilities management and data center strategies

Continual Service Improvement

  • Clarified process section – 7 Step Improvement process is the only process
  • Clear interface defined between the 7 Step Improvement process and the Deming cycle
  • CSI model renamed to CSI approach
  • Introduction of CSI Register which records improvement opportunities, categorization for improvement opportunities, and the benefits of each improvement opportunity

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