Who’s Behind Cybercrime Today?

Many of you may have noticed the perceived upswing in cybercrime and hacking. At a high level, these attacks can be traced to several different groups. Some of these groups include hacktivists, organized crime, and nation state hackers. What’s interesting to note is that each group represents a unique threat. Just consider the following:

Hacktivists typically want to make a statement or raise awareness for a cause. While they may target specific sites, some victims are simply targets of opportunity. When they hack a company, they are quick to boast about their successes.

Organized Crime
Organized crime is a different threat in that it’s geared toward money making activities. Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and other data that can be used to generate revenue are typically targeted.

Nation State Hackers
Finally, there are nation state hackers; these individuals don’t discuss what they have done. This threat seeks to gain access to and potentially modify source code repositories and proprietary information at high tech, security, and defense contractor companies. These assets are much more valuable than any financial or personally identifiable data.

Defending against each requires specific defenses and safeguards. It also requires you to perform a proper risk assessment to determine the real threat. Is this something your company has done?

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  1. Larry Cox Reply

    We need more than just defense.

    If they can figure out how to get around our security measures, why can’t we figure out how to get around theirs and expose them?

    Anyone who follows sports knows that you need more than a good defense to win a game. So why am I only hearing about how I can defend myself against these threats? Why can’t we turn around and become a threat to them? If that’s not possible for some reason, then there is more here than meets the eye, which is what I currently suspect. If I can’t do something to actually fight back, then I think someone’s playing me for a fool.

  2. Anthony Tigner Reply

    In many cases we do know where they are. The problem is these countries will not prosecute or allow the individuals to be brought to the US. With that said all we can do is try to defend against these criminals.