Building That Better Boss in You Through Time Management

Your managing skills… how do they “rate”?

Many skills make a manager stand out: approachability, reasoning ability, listening skills, mentoring skills, attitude and — very important — your time management.

Do you want people to waste your time? How can you reduce time wasting factors?

Managing your time, and that of others, is a clear message of your expected standards of conduct. Judge your staff in accordance with your established standard and make everyone accountable… including you!

Just because you’re the head honcho doesn’t mean you can ramble on about any topic you want and then cut off others who mimic you. Set a clear example that everyone has to follow.

Make your meetings count every time. Make sure the agenda is clear and understood by all… preferably in advance. Let them know why they need to be there — and make sure they need to be there.

Get to the point sooner, rather than later.

Clarity of purpose is always important. Stop and think; before you call another meeting are your meetings working well? Are there measurable outcomes, calls to action, and general consensus that the meeting was effective for all involved parties?

There’s no perfect world where everyone always agrees, everyone is always happy, and everyone works with the same zealous attitude, but we can at least work towards this utopia and reduce the surprises.

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