An Invitation to Become a More Effective Leader

Jocelyn Bérard, M.Ps. MBA is the Vice President of International Leadership and Business Solutions (Vice-président Leadership et Solutions d’Affaires — Internationale) at Global Knowledge Canada

When you made the choice to become a leader, you may have had the sense that this choice would result in both opportunity and challenge. You may have stepped along your path with some anticipation of the journey ahead. You may have done so with some confidence — that you could make a difference. And with some uncertainty — that you could be the leader that the organization and your team required.

From Past to Present
When you began, you likely had a partially obstructed view of what you were committing to. As on any new path, it would have been very hard for you to see everything that lies ahead.

So here you stand today, somewhere on the leadership path. Wherever you’re standing, we invite you to move further along your path. You’re invited, together with other leaders, to discover how to better navigate your journey.

What to Expect
In the course of becoming a more effective leader, you’ll discover new maps to follow and new ways to address old obstacles. Through your journey you’ll learn that it’s not just what you do — it’s very much about how you show up as a leader. You’ll discover how your leadership character — demonstrated through your positivity, your authenticity, your trust, your accountability, and your curiosity — all play a role in your leadership.

And you’ll learn how these characteristics influence others’ success and willingness to follow your lead.

You’ll discover new connections to your business, new insights into how your organization works — how it achieves its vision and delights its customers, and the contribution you make. You’ll discover new connections to the people you work with. New coaching conversations. New ways you can help tap into what motivates them; delegate work that is important and meaningful — both to the business and to them; and provide them with feedback that helps gain momentum.

When you made the decision to be a leader, whether you knew it or not, you were embarking on a journey of discovery — not only of what you can do for the business and for others, but what you can do for yourself. You may have been on this journey for some time now, or you may be taking your first steps. Either way, we welcome you.

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