There’s an App for Your Environment

It’s pretty safe to assume that everyone with a Smartphone uses an app store. Something comes up in daily life, you find an app for it. It’s pretty simple. But what if you think you can do better — you realize the income potential from a platform like iAd, so you decide to write your own app? What do you write?

Use Your Environment

There are so many factors in your environment that can create the perfect app. Here’s an example:

In the first few weeks of April a friend of mine released the first of two weather apps, each designed for a different platform. The first one skyrocketed. He averaged 1000 downloads a day with approximately $25 or more a day in revenue.

But the important thing to always remember is no environmental change lasts forever. At the end of April he released the second app. The next day, his download rate dropped to around 100 or less downloads a day, and he was lucky to make $2 in revenue.

What Happened?

The weather calmed down at the end of April. When he released his first app, the upper Midwest and North were still gripped in blizzards, Alabama and Georgia were hit by tornadoes back to back, and the Mississippi River began flooding five states. Now his weather apps are starting to take off again. Why? Because not only did a tornado tear apart Joplin, Missouri, but the hurricane season is getting ready to start — and the Mississippi is still flooding.

What Else Affects Your Environment?

How about the stock exchange? Or gas prices or inflation rates? Or sports tournaments? If you think about the factors that influence money, weather, housing, the economy, entertainment, or loans, you can figure out what people will find the most beneficial when they look for apps they can use.

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