Changes Cloud Computing Brings to an Organization

In the fifth of his five-part series, Eric Strause talks about the people, technology, and workflow changes that cloud computing brings to an organization.

Today we’re going to talk about the changes that Cloud Computing brings to an organization.

Cloud Computing brings a change of mindset in people. It brings new technology, and it brings changes in business process and work flows. From a people perspective there’s broader knowledge and awareness required across IT organizations both from an infrastructure and and application development perspective. People are under pressure for new designs, project management skills, implementation and support skills, and ultimately from a user perspective Cloud is a different way of approaching the network.

From a technology perspective there’s clearly the adoption of new technologies that are hitting the marketplace. We’ve seen a tremendous increase in virtualization technology, storage, new routing and switching solutions, as well as new server and server applications.

And in the end it’s bringing around the need for collaboration across the organization to develop and support a Cloud environment. At the end of it all is the opportunity people to grow, for technologies to improve, and for new workflows that bring efficiency and speed to an enterprise.

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