Working Within a Non-Cloud Environment

In the third of his five-part series, Eric Strause compares the challenges and benefits of a non-cloud environment.

In a non-cloud environment, what we have is a series of infrastructure solutions siloed that support separate applications; perhaps one or a few applications.

What we lose is a great deal of efficiencies in the structure. There’s some benefits from an IT perspective in that there’s a clear sense of ownership and control over the assets, and in uptime, and in controlling the availability.

There’s also a perspective that says that there’s tighter security in this particular model. But if you look at the inefficiencies that a non-cloud solution brings us, we have an instance here where we have 100% utilization of these particular applications, but we’re unable to leverage the additional availability in these separate stacks. So we’d like to find a way to make that more efficient and be able to better leverage this infrastructure investment and bring ultimately benefits and ROI to the business.

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